Every web developer is familiar with PHP, MySql and Database, WordPress is open source written in these languages. It provide easy interface, coding less environment to its users. Templates known as themes here are available, all you have to do is understand your client’s requirements and make a website while using this great platform. WordPress is one of the most popular open sour content management system. It helps its users with its simple interface to deploy clients work in less time with quality work. Initially WordPress was just used for blogging purposes, late on it became a website builder and manage to gain huge popularity among-st web developers and other users.

WordPress is slightly less expensive than many other sites. Huge variety of themes is available, you can easily update your work and much more.

Before starting remember this, if you are looking for online earning, get started with your website account. Show your buyers about your creativity. Let them know about your skills by your work. Make popular name in the list of online successors. No doubt it is a slow process, but key to online earning is to stay consistent and positive.

Usually people make account on WordPress, and start expecting that clients should start coming to them for their required work. In every profession online work requires struggle, so does online work. Remember hard work beats the talent. If you are creative then don’t lose hope, slowly and steady wins the race.

Make Your Account

Search for WordPress in your search engine and click Start your site

Another page appears, known as domain page.

A domain name is the site address, people type into their browser to visit your site.

So type in you desire domain name, with .com


Another page appears, where you can select the free registration.

Click the red select button after typing your domain name


Another page appears known as plans

There are four options available

  • Personal; Best for personal use
  • Premium; Best for free lancers
  • Business; Best for small businesses
  • eCommerce; Best for online stores

It depends on your requirement, you have to pay annually for this. If you are just starting go for personal to have exposure. You have completed the initial process of creating your site.

Go to your settings and complete your site profile by adding the information required

You will receive an email confirmation, on the email you entered while signing up. Do make its confirmation.

You are ready with your dashboard

Write Post; Start writing to choose block.

General settings; Check them out to set your privacy and other setting as you want.

Your Profile; Give your authentic details.

Select you theme. You can select a theme of your choice as a result, it will give look to your website so try to make it unique.

WordPress Website More Striking

  • First of all be yourself, don’t brag about yourself. Your client might build up expectation and later on get disappointed. Instead of not telling the truth, take out some time and learn your skill regarding anything you want.
  • Tell your clients why you are here, what you want to sell, what quality work you can provide them. Why they need to get their work done by you, what are your  expert at .
  • Make your WordPress website unique, your client should get impressed by you. Your first impression is your last impression, so make sure you give your best. You can use templates provide by WordPress known as themes but edit them in a way that they don’t look boring but creative.
  • Search Engine Optimization, make sure you optimize your work by using keywords. This will make audience search you more quickly through their search engines.
  • Be a regular user, by regular I mean keep updating your work, keep posting on blog, share your posts, stay consistently active and watch traffic coming your way.

Investment in WordPress

WordPress is not free, yes for the first year you can say its free but at the end you have to pay annually. If you are skillful you would earn much more than this little investment.

WordPress Website for a Client

In the beginning of article to boost your confidence, I took screenshots to guide you how to get started with your account. Instead of typing all the details I have attached this link of how to create a WordPress website so that you can take your guidance from here. You can follow up the relevant links for your understanding.


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