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One day, a very wealthy man named Akito entered an old curio shop in Japan, looking for a kettle in which he could make his tea. He searched, searched, and ended up finding a bronze one he liked and took it home to use that night. Later that day, he cleaned the kettle until it shone like the sun. He left her to dry and went to count his coins, but when he came back it looked like she had moved.

“How strange”, he thought, “There is no one else here, how could this have happened? It must be just my imagination. ”He filled the kettle with water and put it on the fire, but as he did he heard a strange noise.Uooouuuu.”He shook his head without understanding, “it must have been boiling water.”AAAI, AAAAI.” Akito heard it again.

“But what the hell could it be? Angry at what had happened, Akito threw the poor animal out of the house. “Get out of here!. Alone in the cold, the badger found a place near a dump and turned back into a kettle hiding during the night. He stayed like that for a few days, thinking about what to do and decided to go back to the old store.

bubbling-with-joy Turtle Hare
bubbling-with-joy Turtle Hare

The way back to the store was a long one for a small badger kettle, and he had to rest several times. During one of these rests, he hid under boxes at the entrance to an alley and quickly fell asleep.

During the night, a man passing by, saw the moonlight reflecting on something metallic and decided to investigate what it was. The man, whose name was Chikara, took the small kettle, and when he looked at it closely, noticing that it had beautiful designs on it. He thought it was a pity, a beautiful kettle to be abandoned, and decided to take it home and take care of it.

Chikara washed, dried, and polished the kettle, and placed it on a shelf. He went to sleep very happily with his finding. In the middle of the night, Chikara woke up to the sound of a crash. Oops,” he heard a small voice say. Chikara sat down. I didn’t want to wake you up!” He listened. He looked at the floor and saw his kettle turning into a badger.

“Hello, little one,” said Chikara, “I didn’t realize you were a badger! I almost used you to make my tea. ”He asked how the kettle had ended up in the alley and heard the story of the rich and mean man. He felt sorry for the little animal and wanted to make him happy.

The two lived happily for weeks. The kettle played around the house with the children and when Chikara returned from work they had dinner and spent the nights together. The badger was very grateful to this man and decided to find a way to thank him. One night he told Chikara that he was thinking of a brilliant plan to make his family rich.

The two set up a stage outside the house, announcing the shape-changing magic kettle. Hundreds of people came and bought tickets to meet this fascinating creature. Crowds arrived to watch as a seemingly ordinary kettle turned into a badger. They sighed and couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing.

The day after the performance, the badger thought he saw Akito and remembered how bad he was. He looked at Chikara, who was telling how he had found his magic kettle and was grateful to have been found by such good people. From that day on, the show got bigger and bigger until Chikara was able to buy a beautiful house for his family and his animal friend.

The Turtle and the Hare

Once upon a time, in a land not far from us, a happy, energetic hare and a sleepy turtle. The happy hare was called Noel and the sleepy turtle, Archibald. The Archibald tortoise liked to sit quietly enjoying his dinner, while the hare Noel swallowed his dinner in one swallow and went around and around Archibald until he was dizzy.

One day, they started a discussion. Oh, it’s okay,” Archibald sighed. “You’re such a braggart! If you’re not careful, one day you’ll still be in trouble …”Where is that place,” asked Noel. “Is far away from here?”Archibald rolled his eyes and continued to taste some tasty lettuce leaves.
“Oh, stop arguing,” said a blackbird as he passed them.

“No, I’m serious,” said the hare Noel.
“OK,” said Archibald the tortoise. “I challenge you to a race!”The hare Noel broke off laughing. You’ll see,” said Archibald. The wise old owl organized a race for the next day. All the animals in the field put on their best clothes made themselves beautiful, got a flag, and prepared to cheer on the competitors.

“To your seats … ready … depart!” shouted Wallace… And so the race started! The Archibald tortoise left slowly and the hare Noel left quickly. After a while, he was out of sight. In fact, he was so far ahead that when he looked back he didn’t see the Archibald turtle anywhere.Wow,” thought Noel. “This race is already won! I think I’m going to take a little nap under this tree, it’s a hot day.” Soon, the hare Noel was asleep.

Meanwhile, the Archibald tortoise enjoyed the scenery, felt the warmth of the sun on its shell, and nibbled a little bit of grass from time to time. She went on and on. It passed the oak, it passed the bridge, it passed the stable, it even passed the hare, Noel. It was still snoring under the tree. Archibald went on until he reached the finish line, where Wallace, the wise old owl, and the rest of the animals were waiting. All the animals gathered around Archibald, applauding, and shouting:

“Very well! Very well! You are the winner!”All this commotion woke the hare Noel, who awoke with a start. Heavens! What is going on? What is this noise? It doesn’t matter. It is best to finish the race and then go to my dinner,” he thought. The hare Noel started down the hill towards the finish line, but when he arrived there he was horrified to see that the Archibald tortoise was the winner and had the gold medal around his neck.

“It can’t be! It can only have cheated,” cried the hare Noel. “Everyone knows I’m faster than she is!”She won cleanly! Slowly and surely, always without giving up, she passed the finish line first. Sorry, Noel, my dear, but you missed the race. Let it be a lesson for you – slowly go far!”

The hare Noel looked unhappy and crestfallen. The Archibald tortoise took pity on her and tried to cheer her up. From that day on they became best friends and the hare Noel never bragged again.

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