Veado walked down the great river into the forest: “Ah, but what kind of life do I have? I don’t even have a house. Maybe I will build a house for myself. This is as good a place as any.”

The Deer continued.

The Jaguar came along the great river, filling itself up in the forest. He came to the same place: “Ah, what is my life? Maybe one day I will settle down and make myself a home.


And the Jaguar went on.

The deer came back, and with its sharp horns he cleared the forest, he cleared the trees and leveled the ground to build his house, and then he went into the forest.

Now the Jaguar came: “This is the place where I was to build my house. The land was clean and level. Clearly, God Tupã has blessed this. Here I am going to make my house,” and enthusiastically, Jaguar he smoothed the ground and softened the ground and made a floor for him – thin and shiny with the help of his teeth – and then he went into the forest.

. It is evident that God Tupã is helping me.” And, with renewed energy, The deer built the walls for the house. When he was finished, he went into the forest. Now the Jaguar came: “Deus Tupã built walls of my house. Now I’m going to make a cover.” And the strong Jaguar made a roof, and when he finished he went into the forest.

The deer saw that the roof had been made: “Tupã has really blessed me.” Inside the house, the deer made two rooms: one for himself and the other for Tupã. He entered one of the rooms, rested and slept as it started to get dark. And now Jaguar came back and saw that there were two rooms in the house: “Tupã made a room for himself to share the house with me.”

He went to the other room and slept.

The deer and the Jaguar slept all night in the same house. At dawn, they both woke up. The deer saw the jaguar. The Jaguar looked at the deer: “Did you help build my house?” Yes. Did you help build my house?”


That was how the Jaguar and the deer shared the house in harmony … for a short period of time. The Jaguar was hungry: “Make a fire. Put a pot on a boil. Jaguar found, captured, and killed a deer. He took him home. He started cooking the deer. When the deer saw what the Jaguar was cooking, the deer was sad.

The Jaguar started to eat. The deer was scared and did not eat. The deer went to his room and tried to sleep.

The Jaguar went to his room.

Throughout the night, the deer kept its eyes open, afraid that the Jaguar would come to devour it. In the morning, the deer said to the jaguar, “Make a fire. Put the pot on. Boil the water. I’m going to hunt.” The deer entered the forest, sharpening its claws against the bark of a tree. There was a Jaguar. The deer passed until he found the anteater, the anteater.

That jaguar spoke ill of you.”
Anteater was angry. He ran and attacked the jaguar with his strong, sharp claws. When the jaguar died, the anteater left. The deer carried the dead jaguar home.

When the Jaguar saw what the deer was cooking, he was scared. He couldn’t watch the deer eat the meal, so he went to his room. But in fact, as you know, deer don’t eat jaguar meat.

The deer has now gone to his room. The deer couldn’t sleep. The deer was afraid that the Jaguar would come to devour him at night. The Jaguar could not sleep, he was afraid that at night the deer would come to devour him.

The Jaguar finally started to sleep and slept.

The deer finally started to sleep and slept. And as he shook his head, the horns hit the wall, making a loud sound. The Jaguar woke up, frightened that the deer was coming to attack him. He let out a big shout. The deer believed that the Jaguar was coming to kill him. The deer ran away from the house! The Jaguar ran away from the house! The two ran in opposite directions. Since that time, Jaguar and the deer have never lived together.

Joha and her Donkey

One day, Joha was riding her donkey on her way to the market. Joha’s son walked beside the donkey, holding the reins and talking to his father. When the father and son passed a small group of people gathered beside the trail, people criticized Joha.

They said to the old man, ‘How can you be so cruel, Joha? How can you ride the donkey while your child is forced to walk beside you? ‘ When Joha heard these words, he went down and lifted his son over the donkey’s back, to his place. Joha and her son continued on their way to the market, Joha walking beside the donkey and holding the reins in her hands.

A mile later, Joha passed a group of women gathered around a well. They asked him: ‘How is it possible for an old man to walk while his young son rides the donkey? This is certainly not correct! ‘Then Joha climbed on top of the donkey’s back, along with the son, and continued their journey.

It was late afternoon, the sun was shining high in the sky and it was very hot, but even so, Joha and her son continued their journey towards the market. The donkey was walking slowly because of the weight of the father and son on its back, but no one was criticizing them until they passed a group of people gathered on the edge of the city where the market was located. People pointed with disapproval when they saw Joha and her son, both sitting on the back of the little donkey, who was walking slowly due to the weight of the father and son.

‘Why do you two ride on such a small donkey?’ they shouted at Joha. ‘Can’t you see that you’re too heavy and the donkey can’t take your weight? ‘I think we better get off the donkey and walk.’ said Joha to her son. ‘That way, nobody can tell us any more.’

Then Joha and her son got off the donkey. Joha grabbed the reins to lead the donkey and walked with her son towards the market in the center of the village. But when Joha hit the market, many people started laughing, criticizing, and making fun of the old man.

‘What a fool!’ they declared. ‘What kind of man has a donkey and still walks with his son instead of riding?’ Joha was not angry with people because he realized that it is not possible to please everyone at the same time. Perhaps it would be better if each person decided how to live their own life.

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