In the beginning of the world, there was only one kind of animal, so all were different from each other. In the Sundarbans National Park in India, there lived a beautiful peacock named Pankaj. Pankaj’s wings were green golden blue which glowed and because of this everyone in the forest liked him. Her neck and eyes were also very beautiful and everyone praised her amazing appearance. Pankaj was very happy to hear from all the animals how wonderful he is.

But Pankaj was not polite nor did he praise anyone else. He was speechless and stared at his wings for hours. He believed that he was far superior to all other animals and lived in pride. But the other animals did not dare to say anything because Pankaj was very fierce and his anger was always sitting on his nose!


One day, the Maya monkey gets hurt and so all the animals fall under his care and forget to watch Pankaj’s dance. ‘How dare you come to see my dance? Just to help Maya! That’s disgusting – my dance is very important! You all apologize to me! ‘ Pankaj became furious with anger and smoke started coming out of his ears. But Pankaj, he was hurt and we should take care of each other.’ The animals said.

‘Oh, what do you know? You are all worthless! Isha elephant, you are very fat and you have a lot of wrinkles! Moonlight crocodile, your skin is very thick! Gautam Giraffe, you are very tall! And Laxman Sher, your teeth are very sharp! ‘ Shouted Pankaj. He went on grumbling and kept saying harsh things about every animal in the forest without regrets. Then he went on trembling with pride. The animals were very unhappy with Pankaj’s talk and decided that no one would talk to him.

The next day, Pankaj went to talk to other animals, but when no one spoke a word with him, he got frustrated and ran towards the temple. ‘God, why is nobody talking to me? what did I do? Please help me!’ he said. Then God answered. ‘You have insulted everyone in the forest with very bad comments and now I should punish you. I made every part of you beautiful because I thought you deserved it – but obviously you are not worth it. You and your descendants will have ugly feet from now on! ‘

But, Pankaj did not learn anything from it. Every day, when he was rude to other animals, they reminded him of what could happen to him. Pankaj apologizes after that. And the next day he would do the same as he had done the previous day. And thus this vicious cycle went on. That is, until one day all the animals were fed up with his rude behavior. They all decided that they would go to the temple and ask God to punish her. As they were walking towards the temple, their anger and hatred were increasing! Finally, they reached the temple and called God.

‘What’s the matter now? I’m busy today! ‘ God said. We want Pankaj to punish him, Lord. Even after giving him ugly feet, he does not hear anything. Please take something he really loves. Diseases from making him so insolent to everyone! Demanded animals.

‘it’s okay! I will make sure that he does not disturb any of you. Now he will not be able to dance until it rains. He loves dancing but now he will be able to dance only in gloomy weather! ‘ God commanded. ‘Thank you for fulfilling our wishes,’ said the animals happily.

After that, Pankaj gets a good lesson. And that’s why people say that peacock’s feet are ugly and he only dances when it rains!

Lost camel

Was once a businessman. He was not very rich. He had a camel which was not very beautiful, but he loved that camel. One day, he went to see the camel but the camel was not there. The camel had disappeared. ‘Hey, where did my camel go? My camel, where is it? He looked everywhere; Searched everywhere, but he did not find his camel.

After all, he saw three strangers coming towards him. He was walking towards a path surrounded by trees. When they reached him, he stopped the first man and asked: ‘Have you seen my camel? ‘Your camel is blind with one eye.’

‘Yes this is true; My camel is blind with one eye. Where is he?’ But that man went on. Now another traveler arrived. Have you seen my camel?’ Your camel is lame with one leg.’ ‘Yes. Where is he, what did you do to him? ‘But that traveler went on. Now the third stranger stopped and stopped. Have you seen my camel?’ Your camel has a small tail.’ This is true! What did you do to him? ‘ But that traveler went on.

The merchant followed the three passengers on the path surrounded by trees. ‘Where is my camel? You have stolen my camel! You have stolen it! thief! vagabond! They kept walking through that path. Now that path has become wider. And he went on, more angry than before because he was not paying attention to her.

He shouted at them more loudly. Now they all entered the garden of Sultan’s palace. There were jasmine and other beautiful flowers in that fragrant garden. And come to the Sultan: ‘What does this noise mean?’ These strangers have stolen my camel!’ How do you know this?’

‘They know that my camel is blind with one eye! They know that my camel is lame with one foot! They know that my camel has a small tail! And how do you know this?’, The sultan called. The first stranger said: ‘I know that his camel is blind with one eye because when we were coming from that path surrounded by trees, only the leaves on the left side were broken. The leaves of the trees on the right side were not even touched.

‘How do you know its camel is lame in one leg?’ Looking at the path of the camel,’ said another stranger, ‘it was clear from his footprints.’ How do you know the camel has a small tail?’ It is clear that the camel has a small tail,” said the third stranger. ‘There were traces of blood on the way. If the camel had a long tail, it would have eradicated the blood-sucking insects.

‘That’s right,’ said the sultan. ‘Your camel came to my garden shortly before’. And then that camel was brought to the fore. That camel was not very beautiful. But the merchant kissed his camel. ‘Hey, my camel. I got my beautiful camelback.

And that sultan turned to those three travelers: ‘You are really smart. Stay the same, ‘Sultan said,’ by being my advisor. ‘And never before, and never before, did any sultan get as much knowledge and advice as he got from all three.

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