Many people can earn online with the help of original work that can take benefits of all the students and any other type of people who can earn money to sit at home. Offices people can do a part-time job also prefer online working from home and get a handsome amount. So, we find for you the best way to start earning online “Blogging“.  It is a great idea. Just Wowww.

What is Blogging?

A Blog is a small form that the original name is”weblog”. It is a term to describe websites that can maintain the information. The features are diary-type information add on it. Attach the links to articles on other websites. You can write the blog with the range from to personal to the political and you can focus on a particular subject that can easily write the blog on it. For example, You can write the blogs on home styling, web designing, phone technology, entertainment, news, and any other topics that you can write in the best way and those which are the information collect from yourself.

It can help you to set up a business for you from home. You can earn when you have patience and hardworking. It is a very good part-time business. You can work any of your free time.

How Blogging Works?

YOu can start your own website with your domain name and hosting. But I recommend you to first time if you have no experience you can start the blogging on ( Then start blogging on this website. You can write an original informative and full unique content. The less effort to get a fast and efficient blogger is you can create an account on WordPress. and then design your own website and get to start the blogging.

The blog seems like social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) that you can scroll the feed and get information about a particular subject.

These Steps to starting Blogging Guide

  1. How can choose the blogging perfect platform?
  2. How to choose the hosting of your blogging?
  3. How to set up the domain name?
  4. How to create your first blog?


So, here we are going to the Step1.

1. How you can choose the blogging perfect platform?

When you want to start blogging you want to do in first to search a great platform where you write a blog. In the market, many of the blogging websites to create an account and write your blog. But the best way to start blogging with WordPress. It is a massive platform for blogging. You can easily start blogging on that website. You can install the countless plugins on WordPress and get a lot of themes and layouts to get a beautiful blog website.

The word press is getting many features on one platform and you can create your desired website. WordPress has 82 million active users. It is super easy to set up and is free to use it.


2. How to choose the hosting of your blogging?

Many websites offer free blog hosting that you can’t pay your own blogs. The WordPress, Tumbler, and Blogger are all the free hosting websites that can offer you your own hosting and you can write the blog on these websites.

When you can’t get the hosting. You can write the blogs are free on the other web hosting. It is look-like:

  • Beauty&

Therefore, most of the these types of hosting are limited. You can’t monetize the free blogs. Yo don’t want to post may of the things that you want to desire to your blogs.

When you write your own blogs on that type of hosting. They will be deleted if they have not to want and many old posts are deleted. It is very harmful to you. So, you will be your own hosting, and you re the real host of your own blog.

Hosting: It is the company that puts up to your website on the internet where everyone can see your blog. And the hosting is a lot of memory to save your blogs. Just like computer hard-drive which has a lot of memory to save your content.

3. How to set up the domain name?

You can select the domain name which you have interested in the blog topics. That information which you have and you can write the blogs on it.

Domain: It the URL name of your website just like Google( Here is your website  (

I highly recommend using Hostgator for web hosting. You can also get a domain name with the Hostgator with fewer prices.


But you can also get to install WordPress on your website. You can start blogging and go to the WP-Admin page ( and start the blogs.

4. How to create your first blog?

You can design your website firstly you can choose a theme that can attract people. That navigate your website and when they search it can look beautiful that can reflect you and your personality. You can also customize your theme and add the features which you can prefer for your website. WordPress has also allows you to go to the many features with one click without damage to your content or image.

Defines your blog on your website that what kind of your blogs show on this website. WordPress offers many free themes that reflect your blog which you write on your website otherwise you can customize the theme. Your website is easy to navigate there is no chance to sticky. If your website is sticky and for example, the people want to know about the university offered subjects and the website picks the wrong way the users didn’t stay on your website. So that things are ugly websites. So don’t creat ethe ugly websites.

Above all, the steps to start a blog guide. I hope it will very helpful for you.

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