CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human are Apart. We use Captcha to distinguish between a robot and a human. You have mostly used Captcha for logging in to a particular website. Either it gives you distorted images and ask you to select certain pictures with this specific thing in it or it ask you to correct the letter written unmannerly. Once you do the required task you are able to enter the website. Only human eye can do this, not any computer program.

Captcha Code

Captcha code is a process in which predetermined code is required by the users to enter. People mostly get offended while typing this puzzle code, but they should learn that it is for their safety and security purposes. It protects your site from spammers, to makes sure it’s a human not any computer program to spam your study. Captcha code can be of different size and shape. They are not following any specific methodology. Because if they let captcha follow a similar pattern over and over again than people might come up with computer programs that can enter the captcha code themselves. And purpose behind it would fail miserably. Reason of its success is that every captcha is unique.

Captcha Jobs

As my readers are here looking for certain online jobs. Captcha job is great online earning by just sitting at home. All you need is desktop device or smart phone with good internet connection and you are eligible for this job. It requires no specific skills or creativity. It is an effortless job among all the online earning jobs because you just have to see and type as it is. Even a kid in primary school can do that very well. Why not you?

Get yourself registered, many websites first train users how to work. If there is no training after few minutes of work, you will know how to solve captcha. Every solving captcha is earning a money. I will definitely suggest you this job, instead of sitting idle. The link shared guides you with the best captcha jobs have a look at 10 Best Captcha Jobs Online – Earn Up To $500 Per Month.

Working of Captcha Typing

As I have shared earlier that it’s a very simple kind of work where no specialties are required. You should only know how to type. I will share how really does this Captcha typing works:

  • Sign Up: You have to register yourself before doing any online work. Just like that register yourself. There is no registration fee. By providing the basic details get registered.
  • Login In: Get yourself logged in by the password you entered earlier to register yourself.
  • Get Started: Once you have logged in. It will take you few minutes for you to understand how it works. Usually guide is being provided. If not than it’s not that difficult to learn yourself.
  • Typing Captcha: Start doing for what you are here for, see the captcha and type it.
  • Get Paid: Every entering of a captcha is your money. Get yourself paid whatever the particular website is paying, there are sites which pay you $1 per captcha.

Investment and Earning Through Captcha

There no as such investment in this work but earning is bit low because all you have to do is see and write. Many people say; they started off with 50 cents per 1000 captchas and end up on earning $3 per captcha. It really depends on what kind of captchas you are solving; some are very easy to go others take time to solve inquiries.  Typing of captchas is Around 200 million daily. And I did share with you before every captcha is unique. So, earning could be a lot by just typing in captcha.

Captcha Typing Legal?

I want to share what people really want to know. Many questions were just asked about that is typing a captcha really a legal work? Because the use of captcha is for security purposes. And we just do our work by typing captcha and visiting the sites. Before I tell you it’s legal or not. There is no a such law where it says that implementing captcha is an illegal piece of work. As you might be helping hackers or spammers in a way although it’s not an illegal job but an unethical job to make online money. If it’s unethical than why do people want to earn through this site because there is a slight difference between doing unethical online earning and illegal online earning.



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