Who is not familiar with Advertisement, all our life we have watched advertisements on television after every 15 minutes. Advertisement is to represent some product to influence people. One’s advertising the product are paid for their job by the product’s company because selling of product is providing them business. Advertisement has just only one purpose it is to influence people. So that they buy the product. Idea of a product to a larger group of buyers can be given in various ways; by advertising, making publicity, promoting it through sales, or a personal selling. Advertisement is done for many purposes; to inform people about the product, to persuade the interested people, or to give a reminder if someone has purchased something earlier and forgets to purchase again. A good advertisement can make him remember the quality product they used earlier and would prefer buying it again.

Classified Ad Posting

Classified Ad posting is a type of advertisement which is common online. It is much easier to advertise on a small scale than on a larger scale. Many people hire classified ad posters because their business is not that big to afford huge budget advertisement. So, they prefer classified advertisers. It is beneficial too. Because a small advertisement  also reaches to huge audience. Classified Ads are very common and everyone has seen them. Services such as; cloths, food, crockery, cosmetic, automobiles and what not. You mostly see these ads appear with SALE on some clothing brand, needed room cleaner, try this once and many others, they all are classified ads.

Amazon is one of the most popular sites for ad promotion of the product or services. Classified ads do conduct information such as; name, email, address, contact and price of the particular product. These ads increase the visibility of the site which is valuable in itself.  These classifies ads can be in many types such as; property, business, personal, educational or some announcement.

Keep Advertisements To The Point

It is a human psyche that when he/she see some thing written in long paragraphs they avoid to read it. Because long sentences in advertisement are boring. So, keep them short and to the point. It will make the reader interest in reading them. And they should be catchy enough to drive reader’s attention. Here, it is compulsory to show creativity in your writing. Only that will make your audience get attracted to the product. Not only use of shorter sentences are important. But ad should be short itself. Ending of your advertisement should be a call for action. That makes your reader to take some action as they feel concerned. Re-read your written ad and eliminate extra details if required.

Post Classified Ads Online

  1. Post Classified Ads online by following these step:
  2. Get yourself registered on the website.
  3. Verify your registration by your email.
  4. Select on option where is says Post ad or Post Classified ad.
  5. Select the category of Advertisement.
  6. Enter detail related to product:
  7. Title: Title of the product, make sure to add key words for SEO.
  8. Headlines: Write powerful headline, which caught reader’s attention.
  9. Description: In description, mention every possible detail. Your audience want to know or should know with length provided.
  10. Pros and cons of your product needs to be mentioned.
  11. Price:  Tell users about the price and why it is worth paying for.
  12. Media: Add photo and videos, it will develop purchaser’s interest.
  13. Optimization: For search engines, so that your advertisement appears. Do use all possible keywords. It will drive huge traffic to your ad. It will raise chances of your product to be watched by huge audience.
  14. Language: Use telegraphic language. Keep your sentences precise.
  15. Give a brief assessment of what you have written.
  16. Choose relevant sites for advertisement and categorize it appropriately.
  17. Publish it. Many websites will publish it, others may verify before publishing it.

Online Earning From Ad Posting

Affiliated ads are there for earning. Obviously, we are advertising some company’s product. So, consider it as  affiliate marketing.  We always pay for Affiliated work. Jobs can be provided through many platforms. Social media is one of them where you can be a manager of product’s page. If you are a great blogger with huge number of audience or even if you are a newbie you can make money by posting ads on your sites. Another way is to meet people physically, as you know it is classified advertisement. So you can meet up with local customers. You can easily make money through local products by selling them in a wider area.



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