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Everyone is aware of a funnel, huge load is put into a funnel’s top to get the load to a smaller opening. The idea of clickfunnels is somehow relatable to funnel. Where on traditional websites when you go to search a particular product, you might get distracted by other products. But in clickfunnels if you have searched for any desired product all the relevancy regarding to that product will be shown. So you can say it is a new thing from our traditional websites.

When I started writing on online earning articles. I mentioned that our elders follow the traditional ways of earning because they don’t want to put any efforts into the changing world. And will never know how easy it is to earn through online work. Same like our elders who are still in traditional working style, we are also not in any struggle to change for better. Clickfunnels is a new big thing, different from our traditional websites. It will take us as long as a new generation with different mind set to avail this opportunity because we are to lazy to go for new trends.


Clickfunnels is also an online sale which helps companies to build their business market and easily sell and deliver their products. You can make a whole website on clickfunnels because it do contain web editor which might  help you through it. In clickfunnels tool, it is much more easier when you don’t require specific web developers. You can do that in one go with basic knowledge and create your web pages with a great functionality of drag and drop editor. This makes clickfunnels a very easy to use platform, where all you have to do is drag what you want to add, how you want to add by just dropping it. You can organize each and every feature by yourself.

Build your ClickFunnels

  • Your first impression is your last impression. So, start by creating landing page. The first thing your customer will see is your  landing page. Make sure to show what you got the best.
  • Front end offer; You should let your customer know about your services. Those you will be providing them with. So, they can get ready to buy your product.
  • Upsell offer; Here if your customer has bought your product or is about to buy. Tell them further strategies which will benefit them from your sell.
  • Downsize offer; Don’t get disheartened if your customer can not afford keep it going.
  • Your current customers with great potential will always stay on the top of clickfunnels. It will make collecting leads and securing super sales unpretentious.

Marketing ClickFunnels

As we all know, it is easy to use this software than normal websites. Because it doesn’t make you pay for all the work from development to buying a domain. Businesses can go very long with marketing and promoting on this platform. People should get aware of this firstly than they will get ready to buy your products.

There are Two Ways You can do Marketing of Your clickFunnels

  1. Initially you have to pay $100 to get OFA account, where they motivate and teach you how to work. As you have bought your account through OFA. They will generate your affiliated link. Now you have to convince other users to buy it from your affiliated link with the $100 payment. So, your investment has been returned. Further it depends on you that how many sales you make by marketing clickfunnels and convincing people. Rest all will be your profit.
  2. Other way is to create your funnel and  start its marketing through Fiverr or other platforms and sell it.

Investment and Earning via ClickFunnels

Unfortunately, there is no legal way to get this medium free.  You have to invest in clickfunnels to start your work. Here, this is the point where people change their mind. When they hear that starting might be from $100. They don’t trust their caliber to secure this $100 and change their mind right away.But believe me, if you didn’t gain the profit you expected. At least you will get back what you have invested in very little time. As I have already mentioned how in the marketing paragraph. There is little uncertainty with totally unprofessional marketers, if you have zero experience in your marketing field then you are not really good to go. There is a two week free trial where you can clearly have an idea to invest and earn or to leave.

In affiliated marketing making money is simple . Where you can get money by not just selling your products but can also get commission by selling clickfunnels products. No doubt, it is a little tough initially but if you show consistency there is no coming back.




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