If you are working online you wouldn’t be unfamiliar with the word pinterest. Printerest brings a very unique concept . Where they created a network in which people can seek for inspiration. And get ideas of things in which they are interested in. As we know, all of the websites are full with great content. When you read three to four different articles. All appear same, with very small different information. Now it seems audience is not much attracted by this.

What makes Pinterest unique is that it is not about content but visuals. A picture speaks louder than thousand words. This concept is implementing exactly here, which makes it popular and one of its kind. Pinterest users can save pins. Pin represents an idea by using a picture. Links are also given of the websites. Reason why pinterest is popular to derive the huge amount of traffic which means huge amount of sales which means huge amount of profit.

Posting Pins

Pinterest never owns the pins meaning pictures you have created. But they have the right to use it the way they want. You can not copy someone’s picture; this might get you in huge trouble. You can copy someone’s work with their permission. Otherwise it is to steal someone’s work. We need to respect artist’s efforts of creating a piece of art instead of stealing it for commercial gain. Some has copyrighted their material which makes their work secure, pinterest would never post it and make sure if you copy someone’s exact work without even making minor changes and acclaim that it’s your piece of work, it will be considered instantly as plagiarized work.

Pinterest is mostly used by women. By observation it has been recorded that a high ratio of women uses pinterest than men. Maybe women are more hardworking and creative.


Copyrighted image

Firstly, don’t use copyrighted image. If you want to use an online image than do give credits to the creator by adding his and his work’s name. Check if the image has a watermark or not and you can also check metadata for image’s detail. Keep in mind copy pasting same idea is consider as plagiarism. And it’s not a good sign for an online worker.

You have another option of using free images which are provided by many websites. They can save you from plagiarized work but make sure don’t use them for opposing sites. 24+ websites to find free images for your marketing go find amazing website from this link which will help you in using free of cost images.

Popularity of Pinterest

Pinterest is not an old age story it is still very popular. People are earning very good amount from this platform. There are 335 million people who use pinterest which is slightly less from many popular sites but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t benefit you anymore.

Make an account and use Pinterest

Making an account is compulsory on Then you can further use it. Just like every account is made with some necessary details. It also follows the same way of registration. All you have to do is pin. Where you will show your image and in description the purpose of why you have used it, is it for some advertisement or something else. Pinterest is free of cost for every individual.

Earning from Pinterest

As pinterest didn’t demand any investment neither even a commission. So, pinterest does not actually pay anything. A single sales man or a company for special promotions both doesn’t pay a penny to pinterest. Through affiliated links you will get your payment; buyers will purchase from your affiliated link and you will get your profit of that sale. All your earning is through promotion or sponsorship from the companies. Affiliated marketing will make you earn more bugs. Make sure to use keywords so that you are recognized on Pinterest. Buyers will buy the product from your pinterest page. You need to promote you pins for more income.

Pinterest Academy

If you are a newbie and know nothing about online work on pinterest then you definitely you need to join pinterest academy. They are online courses which help you through out from your starting journey to pinterest. They will teach you about interactionwith audience, information about pins and give you best practices of pinterest. Do check this academy that how they teach you about pinterest maybe your interest towards pinterest increases. Do follow this link Featured snippet from the web to become a successful pinterest manager.

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