Online Earning Through Sale & Purchase

In online working field there are people who can just understand basics of English. They cannot speak English properly but still can earn much more than a freelancer. They can start their online earnings through sales and purchase. If you are reading this and know someone whose education is not well and he is jobless as well. Do recommend him one of the ways shared in this article from which he can at least start earning.

Sale & Purchase

Sale and purchase are an agreement, where the seller and buyer make an agreement on the details of the sales and conditions of the buyer. To make this business easy and scam free, agreement between a seller and buyer is must.

Traditionally we are aware of sale and purchase of property land, vehicles and other belongings. In our families there are many family members who had set their offices for these purposes for example; real estate, rent a car, second hand furniture and many others. In our life, we all had met one of these people for sale and purchase. Anyone who can persuade someone on beneficial investment is successor in this field.

In an online system there are apps build up where you just have to keep check on sales which are very reasonable, you can then purchase them and resale them with your profit. You need to be good at your communication skills to persuade purchasers on the rates you provide.

Apps for Online Sale and Purchase


OLX stands for OnLine eXchange. This platform is totally based on classified ad posting. It provides buyers and sellers to interact on different services or belongings. This is one of the most popular sale and purchase platform. Which is used for all the daily life necessities such as; furniture, electronics, household goods, vehicles and different categories which help its users to find reasonable items here than from normal market rate. You can purchase items on reasonable rates and can sale them further with your profit either traditionally or posting it online. This platform is completely secure, all you need to be careful is about your personal details. You should online provide your official email address and contact number, no need to give your personal address or any other detail.

You can simply use OLX by your desktop device or smart phone. It is used to make a convenient way for its users to sale and purchase locally and easily. To sell a product you have to take a snap of the product you want to sale then just upload it with a brief description and price of the product. Ask them to contact you on your given contact details. You can sell both old and new products via OLX. On your sales and purchase OLX doesn’t keep any commission it is free of any cost.

It is an app where you can site different properties online. helps you to find a land by just sitting at home instead of roaming around the city knowing about different properties and looking for purchaser to sale for your commission. Now all you have to do is check properties and their rates. This app was built for overseas Pakistanis who didn’t have any authorized or trust-able platform.

In you have to do your own research. Once you have found the desired land, check its market value than meet the owner face to face and then finalize your deal by verifying different documents and payment via bank.

You can also check property owner online with the help of different websites. or by these sites you can check all the property records by just selecting the exact location. You can also enter the property number to verify the ownership of property.


Currently the most successful online business of vehicles in local market. It is the largest marketplace for vehicle sale and purchase in Pakistan. It is a platform where you can find any model of the car, new cars are also available. You can do online earning with this platform by investing in buying a car and later sale it with your profit. Pakwheels cars are fraud-less and trust-able. If you want to sale your car, take different snaps of the car. In description write every possible detail, set the price rate and provide your official contact details. This platform is successful because it benefits you easily, you can purchase a car, maintain it and resale it with your profit. Categories in pakwheel has made its sale and purchase easy for its users.

There are many other platforms, above three are most popular and reliable sources to get your online earning started through sale and purchase.

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