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This is a great platform for online earning and most popular and easy to go. Social Media is another name to Social Networks where people can share their opinion in their own way. A platform where anyone from anywhere with a smart phone and internet connection can share their content efficiently with a large number of people. Before social media, television was one of the most popular platforms. Where people used to join different shows to put up their point of you, if look more earlier era than television, radio broadcasting was one of its kind.

Although television and radio are still used but they are not that efficient like social media networks where within few seconds anything can get viral and million of people can easily get to know about it. Where earlier there were specific shows, specific topics and specific people who can share thoughts, talent, work or opinion. Through social media, many people have reached the highest peaks of success in their very young age.

Social media communication got started from desktops and are now in every smart phone. Life seems impossible with social media, so you can imagine what impact it has on its users that people of all ages have great addiction to this medium. Social media are basically in the form of apps which are installed through app store. After registration you become a part of social media network and can see all the public different content shared by people. If its not publicly you can request for its access.

Examples of Popular social media Networks

  • Facebook is most popular among-st all, it is used by larger audience.
  • Twitter is more formal social media, where any current issue is being highlighted and whole world knows about it.
  • Instagram is most popular for showbiz people and brands.
  • YouTube is also very popular for its content.
  • TikTok has emerged to gain followers quickly.


Online Earning Through Social Media

There are many ways from which you can earn through social media.


Advertising is one of the most popular online earning through social media. It is the only platform in which you can get engaged with your customers and can interact easily. Other than social media where in outdated media, it is almost impossible to interact with customer this conveniently. While advertising on social media keep these points in mind; never over promote your products, every thing in a certain manner looks great, make short video and share it on right platform . Because there are plenty of mediums available, it depends on you how you promote it. If customer have some issue; respond on time, provide value to your product and customer. Stay honest with your work and customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Always go for affiliated products. Remember your money is your commission than act wisely. Make honest advertisement either you have used the product or reviewed the product. Do mention its pros and cons.  Promote it through social media and engage your audience.


If you don’t have great number of audiences. Start posting daily with key words hash tags. We have discussed in many articles, the importance of keyword is that you occur in people’s search engine or news feed. Hash tags can be related to some popular brands.


Every social media has its own criteria for verification. Where Instagram is popular for verifying not on huge number of followers. It totally depends on brand approaching you. Some go for less audience other go for huge number. Many social media platforms doesn’t pay you straight. But get you great number of audience. For example if you are an entertainer than tiktok provides you with audience and you shift that audience to other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Be an influencer with huge number of following. This will increase you worth. You can be an influencer on basis of your talent or hard work. There is no shortcut to success. Never use vulgar content to gain publicity. It might affect you in every way and it will become even harder to influence your audience with authentic facts. You can be an entertainer. People love to get entertained. So be entertaining and have large number of audiences then later you can get paid for posting a single post worth million dollars. To be an influencer on social media, it requires humor, decency, education and a pinch of talent. People will start following the trends you will set for them.


As you become an influencer with great number of followers, many industries will call you up, make you their brand ambassador. You just have to do your promotion work with a post sharing or making a few second video. There are different range of payments, depends on number of followers but every penny is worth your talent.

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