Online Earning Through Teaching

Sometimes people are not good at technical things or are creative at some work but their teaching skills are excellent and being a teacher is an art and skill in itself.

Every knowledgeable person cannot deliver his knowledge. If you didn’t get an opportunity or find traditional teaching a difficult task then go ahead with online teaching. All it requires is a microphone, laptop and a good internet connection. Start your teaching right away because now a days many institutes are offering online courses and require great teachers on their platform. You can either be a part time teacher. If you are doing some job and still feel that the earning is not good according to your potential. In online teaching make sure to use noise reduction headphones because background noise might distract students.



This Pandemic has brought every medium to online, mostly schools, colleges and universities. They didn’t take any break and continue their work by coming to online platforms. Here was a drastic change in the traditional education system. Both students and teachers explored this whole new thing instantly. Some got well with it and others are still trying to cope up with it. Almost all professional teachers moved to online teaching because of the circumstances. But this could be one of the major turning points in their carrier. Who knows new generation might only follow this online lifestyle.

Online Teaching Interactive Session

Audience: You can start with less audience because immediately you wouldn’t be able to find high number of audiences.

Motivation: Start with motivating your students.

Environment: Create a satisfactory working environment.

Planning: Plan of your classes should be great.

Communication: Communicate with your students on regular basis.

Learning: Make your students learn at least one task daily.

Target: Identify your audience and teach.

Course Topic: Select the course in which you have done masters.

Outline: Create an outline which include necessary topics in your course.

Feedback: Do ask your student audience for a feedback, it will encourage you to be a better teacher.

Awareness: Ask your students to spread awareness if they are learning something to increase audience.

Unmanageable: If you cannot make a good audience in an interactive session, start with video recording lectures, writing a content blog or publish your own book. Start selling lesson plans.

What to Teach Online

You can teach both technical and nontechnical studies.


Teach them HOW:

  • A certain tool works.
  • They can be creative at writing skills.
  • They can be good at speaking skills.
  • Make great gigs.
  • Drive huge traffic to their content.
  • To be expert in programming language.
  • To be a computer engineer.
  • About affiliate marketing.


Teach them about art secrets, academic subject, mental health issues, fitness, great diet plans, self control, writing and communication skills, new methodologies, religion knowledge ,how hey can solve mathematics tricks. This list can go very long. There are millions of topics now a days on which you can teach in detail and get a huge number of audience/students.

Online Earning of Teachers

If you are not good at making huge amount of student audience in interactive session You can go for lecture videos on YouTube. All you require is a good micro phone with good camera. Record your detailed lecture and upload it on YouTube. If you are a good teacher then you will have a huge number of subscribers and viewers which will make you earn easily.

You can teach online with certain companies who have students, you can get payed of your minutes of teaching. Show your qualifications to the website get registered and start tutoring. It is one of the most popular teaching trend either it can be Islamic teachings or any other teaching. People are earning a lot under some company’s banner, providing them business with their teaching skills.

VIPKid  it is an online platform which pays between $7-9 per 25-minute class plus $2 per class if you hit a minimum of 45 classes each month and are on time to all of them. You just need to be qualified in a certain field and get yourself a right platform, there will be no coming back.


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