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People usually go for main stream online works, no body thinks about being different or try different the reason why we don’t grow as a nation. We are too scared to try our luck in new work because shortcuts and earning easily is our success. We don’t think of long run; when every other person will be a content writer, web developer etc. At that point will try to put our nose in slightly different online earning projects. So, if you are a newbie and seeking to learn new skills let’s begin.

What is Scraping Data?

In general, a computer program which performs this technique by extracting data from website to get the required information.

Yellow Pages Scrapper

Yellow Pages Scrapper is a medium which provides you with information. If you start gathering this information by yourself it might take you ages. But with the help of this platform you can easily get your work done. There are clients who need website details from different locations around the globe, which include area code, email, contact etc. If a client needs data of thousand websites and you start doing it by searching each website, copying required data from it and paste it in your excel sheet. Then repeating the whole procedure for each website, it will definitely take your much more time and effort. Solution to this draining process is web scrapping.

Is Scraping Legal?

Absolutely yes, when a website itself is providing its information publicly then how it can be illegal?

You need to know what kind of information does your client is asking for, if it doesn’t sound reasonable, why take risk? Move to the next client. In my own experience, I have not find any of the work related to this subject illegal but there might be chances.

Website Scrapping

Scrapping a website by following this link (Yellow Page Scraping / Web Scraping Tutorial). It will clear your doubts. After watching this video don’t think you have learnt web scrapping, give it a try. There might be some difficulties which will occur so you can ask them out. Websites can be easily scrapped and it can be detected as well that someone has scrapped data because of similar and repetitive browsing behavior. Solution to this is try using different patterns every time when extracting data from websites. There are sites which do not allow scrapping at all.

After scrapping data

Once you have scrapped the data and you have got your desired information from all the websites, if you had some extra information, remove it by deleting those columns and save rest in your excel sheet. All this procedure has been explained in the video which has already been shared in the above link.

Trouble in Scraping

As I told you before its not illegal as long as you follow all the rules and regulations set by the particular website. So, you will not get in any trouble via scraping.

The 10 Best Data Scraping Tools and Web Scraping Tools  in this link the best available tools have been shared and discussed.

Online earning Through Yellow Pages Scraping

Now a days, people earn from every other work and make huge amount of money by using their brains. Honestly speaking once you have learnt how to scrap it will become very easy for you to make money. Without using brains and any efforts because all the work will be done by your tool. All you have to do is to manage it by redirecting it, where it needs to be. You can earn much more than your expectations, just go on Fiverr make an amazing gig where you can showcase your talent. And make sure to use keywords in your gig so that people can find you in their searches and you can get work and make money out of it.

Is Scraping Websites Tough?

It depends on the quantity of the websites available for that keyword for which you have to scrap data. I can explain you by giving an example. If I want to search websites related to guest houses in a specific region/location. I might get a lot of websites. As a result, extracting data from them might not be difficult. But if I want to search data for a key word which is very rare. And has minimal number of websites, extracting meaningful data from it will almost be impossible. In short, higher the percentage of websites related to the keyword give more effective outcomes (meaning more meaningful data will come your way). But if  lower percentage of the required keyword, it’s almost impossible to extract information.

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