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In our youth it’s a new trend to earn online, a person who is earning more than million a month would brag about his online earnings. The person listening to him would also want to be a milliner over night and would start looking for different means of earning online but would get end up by getting disappointed.

Initial steps be a freelancer:

Slow Progress

Before I tell you how a beginner can earn online money, and be a milliner with time. Let me just make this very clear that nothing happens in a night. Every process takes its time and gradually rises. All you have to do is to stay patient in the beginning and work hard on your initial commitments. A friend who might have been telling you his ONLINE EARN SUCCESS story has also started from zero and it might have taken time. ” The fruit of patience is sweet “ – Quran

About Freelancing (pic)

  • In easy words I would say a freelancer is a person who is an employee and a boss himself.
  • It is just opposite of traditional work from 9 pm to 5 pm white collar job.
  • You are your own manager and can easily set your time according to your family commitments or other works.
  • You are your own in charge and care taker.
  • It is all about what a person does for someone’s business will do exactly same for multiple people known as clients.
  • Under his own terms and conditions. Isn’t that great?

Requirements for freelancing:

  • You should have a working laptop with a good internet connection.

  • You should be creative at least at one or two things i.e you can be a creative writer or good at graphic designer or developing a website should be a piece of cake for you. Having said that it is not necessary to be an expert but you should at least have some knowledge about some domain and with that particular domain while working online you can look for other domains and polish your skills with time
  • You can write a cover letter or CV to show your skills and try to have 2 – 3 sample of your work so that your client exactly knows your strengths.
  • With the passage of time, after 3 – 4 months start making your portfolio(link) or linked inn(link) account, it just not show your past work and experience as well as a professional and determine approach to your work.
  • You should have a table chair to work conveniently, how you work certainly affects your health, so be careful about your health.
  • You might not go to the office but make your own place as your small corner office, have great ideas here How to make your own small office.
  • Freelancer can be of any age, gender and profession but being creative at something is a key.

Beginners to know

Your client is your asset

You must need to know how to keep engaged with your clients for that your communication skills must be very strong.
How to improve your communication skills?

Reputation matters

  • You should never take your client for granted, they are the ones who take you to peaks, so don’t forget they can show you where you belong to.
  • Always be well repudiated by working on time, being polite, offering extra work.
  • Your reviews from clients will get you other clients so be very careful with your reputation in online earning.

Payment methods

  • Jazz cash or Easy Paisa is not a long run go but if you don’t have any bank account than go for it.
  • You should have at least one bank account I would recommend you Meezan Bank.
  • For international incomes, Paypal or Payoneer. I would recommend you to have Payoneer it is same as we do locally.

Start your online work

  • Instead of making accounts on Fiverr, Upwork and other platforms to earn online. Initially get started with Facebook.
  • Join different groups of freelancing and check posts for your desired work.
  • It will get you your sample work along with some experience which will be very fruitful to your later on journey.

Know your worth

  • Don’t work for free. It will make your work worthless and your colleagues (other online workers) pissed off.
  • Your every effort has its own value you should own it.
  • Don’t charge high without any experience but charge something to be worthy enough.

Be aware of scams

  • Freelancers are easy prey for scammers, with passage of time you start distinguishing between good clients and scammers, to know about common scams click here.
  • I would suggest you that never get disheartened if you become a prey, he is responsible for his deeds always stay positive to this work of online earning.






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