Why Online Earning

Online earning is to provide services on internet and get your reward (money) online. Online Vs Traditional

In this world every human wants to earn double of their efforts. When it comes to online earning it gives meaning to what actually EARN TWICE YOUR EFFORTS mean. Traditional ways of earning have always been looked up and struggled for but no one ever has tried their best to EARN ONLINE. One of the main reasons why people don’t want to earn online. Because our elders are still following the traditional ways of earning. Online earning is always questionable for frauds, but nobody highlights the fact that traditional earnings also has certain frauds too.

Let’s Know what online earning is?

As we said before, online earnings are to make money via internet. We will certainly talk about many online earning ways. But let’s know the concept behind this earning. In this era as almost every thing is being replaced with electronics from calculations on page to calculator and cooking on wood fire to electric stove. Our major and minor needs have been shifted to electronics. Due to less use of physical appliances we have become lazy or  we are getting more use to of our comfort zones. So, when every possible required thing has been shifted to internet and we are being facilitated in every possible manner than why our most jobs are to be followed traditionally? As mentioned earlier that we don’t want to leave our comfort zone so doing jobs traditionally is not easy for us anymore and we are looking for best possible earning ways.

Major factors that stop us from online earning

Education online edu vs our system

Our education system is one of the main causes of lacking behind in online earnings, where most of our population is illiterate and rest of them lack because of our education systems. There is a huge difference between current market demands and our education system.



Our educated, up to standard people who are very few in ratio doesn’t have any knowledge about online earnings. Either they are working for some business man on low salary and rest keep on applying for jobs or might struggle to be a government employee.



Risksrisk your savings

In online earning initially its all about taking risk, people can happily spend their whole pocket money on certain branded shopping but they would never be gutsy enough to invest in themselves and work on it. I would use a quote here; “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson. So to make a difference you have to take few risks in life.

Making this short, in this Link it has been beautifully explained the difference between online vs traditional earning.

People have moved towards online earning

COVID 19Stats

Due to the fact that this generation has seen all, even 2020. As this COVID19 was disaster for everyone, and by sake of Almighty many of us have survived, what good this pandemic has left behind is a new thought, a new thought of online earning. Everyone was locked down to their homes. But for online earners it was not that difficult to manage their expense as for those who earned traditionally and had no backup plans.

This year has spread huge awareness to people when they saw how actually online work is convenient by just sitting at home you can perform and fulfill your duties. Traveling has been reduced to no travel at all. People who used to travel for an hour or so to reach their offices had utilized this time in any useful work or by completing their sleeping patterns. By less traveling and going out by any means has made our mother earth less polluted and its recovering rapidly. You can click on bar graph to verify how rapidly week by week usage of internet has been increased.

How to initiate work online?

There are multiple ways in which people can earn online, Freelancing is above all which includes many ways to earn. Other than that Youtube is a great platform for people who are creative. People who have passion to act and perform can earn from Tiktok . Those who are good at painting and making creative stuff can learn different painting tools which include Adobe Illustrator. If you want to sale, purchase or rent cars you can work on Pakwheels. People who want to buy and sale property land can go for Zameen.

There are many platforms which will be discussed one by one with every detail and layout of implementation and plan. Making money is not difficult  but taking an initiative is very difficult. So here we will conclude with a great quote that is “You cannot help those who don’t help themselves”





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