The clever old lady saw the necklace.2020

Many years ago, an old woman lived in a state whose queen was very beautiful. He had four sons who fought among themselves and their wives also did not like each other. They all lived in the same house but fought so much that they kept a separate kitchen. The old woman wanted everyone to live happily together and help each other. He threatened that she would leave everyone out of the house if they would not live together.

He also said that to save money, only one kitchen will be kept. By doing this he hoped that everyone would start living together. The son got tired and finally, he accepted his mother. Son used to give all his earnings to his mother because she was poor. One day the youngest son went to the city in search of work but returned disappointed.

On the way, he saw the dead snake and he raised it because he did not want to return empty-handed. When his mother asked him for his income, he gave him the snake. Mother comforted him to try again. That snake was of no use, so he threw it on the balcony.

The clever old lady saw the necklace.
The clever old lady saw the necklace.

The same day the queen of the kingdom went to bathe in a beautiful pond. He left one of his precious necklaces to his maids. Suddenly an eagle saw the glowing necklace and took it away. The maids paid but no one came to help. The queen became so depressed that she announced, whoever finds that necklace will get a big reward.

The flying eagle saw a snake on the old lady’s balcony and understood that the snake could be eaten, but that defeat was of no use. He gave up the necklace and took the snake. The next day the old lady went to put clothes on the balcony and she saw the necklace.

She knew when the queen was looking for that necklace.
Diwali was due in a few days. On this occasion, lamps are burnt to please Lakshmiji. The old woman went to the queen’s palace and asked the watchman if she could meet the queen. When the queen saw the defeat, she became very happy and promised that she would give a large amount to the old lady.

The old woman refused and said, ‘I am poor, I cannot handle such a huge amount. I wish that on Diwali, only lamps should be lit in my house, and not in anyone’s house. The queen was a little surprised, but she was so happy that she ordered that only the lamps given in the old woman’s house would burn.

The old woman asked her family to clean each corner of the house, and also decorate it with beautiful flowers. Everyone worked together and the old woman lit the lamps in the whole house. Lakshmiji came at twelve o’clock and was disappointed to see darkness everywhere.

But they saw lamps burning in the old woman’s house. Because he liked the lamps, he knocked on the old woman’s door. The old woman opened the door and told her family members to welcome Lakshmi with flowers and sweets. Laxmiji would be happy and asked the whole family to ask for something in return, as she was happy with his devotion.

Laxmiji said thinking, ‘I am ready to live, but you all have to live together, do not fight. If anyone does not listen to me, then I will leave this house and go away. ‘

Everyone was very happy that Lakshmiji was satisfied. They all agreed to him and from that day onwards the whole family started living together and respecting each other. The old woman was satisfied that her wish would be fulfilled. Similarly, Lakshmiji also visited his home for generations to come.

An innocent punishment

This is the story of Emperor Akbar of India and his loyal and clever advisor – Birbal. The day was pleasant. In the court of Akbar’s palace, his advisors were talking while waiting for him. Soon Akbar came, but today he was not always in good mood. He was troubled. Seeing Akbar’s severe face, his advisors became calm.

“What’s the matter, ship? Do you have any problem?” An advisor called. Someone dared to scratch my mustache today!” Shouted Akbar. One by one, all of them suggested the heaviest punishment for the crook who pulled Shehnshah’s mustache. Let him be hanged at the crossroads!” One said. Let his head be cut off!” Shouted another.

“Hit him with a whip a hundred times!” The third insisted Shahanshah listened to everyone but he saw that his most trusted advisor had not said anything yet. Birbal said calmly, “Excuse me, please ship. I do not agree to any of the suggested punishment”, Akbar went to the square and asked his loyal advisor, “What punishment do you suggest for this crime?”

Hearing this, things started happening again in court. The other advisors went to the Chowk after hearing Birbal’s suggestion. They all started thinking about how such a loyal advisor could suggest Shehenshah give a box of sweets to the crook.

Shahanshah grudgingly asked: “Birbal, why are you suggesting such punishment?”He plays on your lap, and today he must have pulled your mustache while playing. Such innocent gunners should be punished only innocently. My suggestion Let’s give the sweet prince a box of sweets. “

Birbal’s clever response brought a smile on Shehnshah’s face. You are right, my friend, “Shehenshah Akbar said.” He was my son. And he will surely get a box of sweets as punishment! “, Akbar said. Birbal smiled when the advisors were unable to meet their eyes because of the shame of suggesting heavy punishment.

And till date, stories of Birbal’s cleverness and cleverness are repeated from generation to generation.

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