The gingerbread man climbed fox's back2020

One day the farmer Mrs. She mixed all the ingredients together and shaped the gingerbread dough with her hands into a ball, which she flattened. That should be the head. Then Ms. Braun formed another ball, but this time it was much larger. That was his body. She made two thin rolls for his arms and two longer ones for his legs. There were also two hands and two feet. But what now?. When Ms. Braun had finished, she carefully placed it on a baking sheet and then pushed the baking sheet into the oven for baking.

Then she put kettles on the stove to make a cup of tea. Suddenly she heard a knock, then an even stronger knock, and the knock came from the oven. She went to the stove and listened.

Ms. Braun carefully opened the door to the oven and looked inside. There stood the gingerbread man on the baking sheet. Before she could think about it, he had already pushed open the door, jumped onto the kitchen floor, and walked down the aisle and out into the street under the kitchen table. Mrs. Braun called him “Halt, halt!”, But the gingerbread man just kept walking. And when he ran he shouted:

The gingerbread man climbed fox's back
The gingerbread man climbed fox’s back

“Run, run as fast as I can, you don’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man“.Ms. Braun ran after him, but soon began to blow and was out of breath. “Stop the gingerbread man,” she called to her friend, who was standing in the door to her house. “Don’t let him pass you!

“Run, run as fast as I can, you don’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man“.
The smith in his smithy looked up from work and saw the gingerbread man walking down the street, followed by the peasant woman and her fat friend.

So he left his fire on fire, left the smithy, and ran after them with his long hammer in hand. But he couldn’t catch the gingerbread man either, so he called to the children who came out of school: “Run after the gingerbread man. The farmer wants to have him again. ”

Then they joined the chase and shouted: “We’ll catch him!”But the gingerbread man looked over their shoulders with a laugh, just ran faster and called out: Run, run as fast as I can, you don’t catch me,
I’m the gingerbread man”.

There had never been so much noise and hustle and bustle on the quiet streets. Even the dogs started barking when they joined the chase. The miller in his mill heard the noise and ran after everyone, covered in flour from head to toe. He didn’t see who everyone was after, but he didn’t want to miss out on the fun and now he was running too.

Likewise the postman, the fishmonger, the mayor with his official chain, the policeman, the fireman, the doctor and all hungry cats, dogs, pigs, cows, and mice from the area. When the gingerbread man looked back and saw how many people were running after him, he just shouted louder:

“Run, run as fast as I can,
you don’t catch me,
I’m the gingerbread man”.
More and more people joined the chase. They came running out of houses and out of shops. They ran and ran, but NOBODY could catch up with the gingerbread man. Even a horse in the field decided to run and galloped after the gingerbread man, but he shouted: “I’m faster than you”. To prove it, he ran faster and faster until he had left everyone far, far behind.

A hungry fox was lurking not far from the road. When he saw the gingerbread man running around, he licked his mouth and thought: “What will the gingerbread man do when he arrives at the river?” And he licked his mouth again.

The fox decided to take a shortcut to the river and wait for the gingerbread man there. Goodness, there was no bridge over the river. So the gingerbread man had to stop. He couldn’t go over. The sly fox came out from behind a tree. The gingerbread man climbed onto the fox’s back.

Soon the gingerbread man was completely wet. “Why don’t you jump on my head?” said the fox. And the gingerbread man did as the fox had called him. When they were almost on the other bank, the fox said, “You don’t feel safe on my head. It would be terrible if you fell into the river now that we’re so close to the other bank. “It’s better this way,” said the hungry fox, “now you won’t get wet anymore” and …

SCHNAPP made the fox’s jaws … and the gingerbread man was gone… The fox climbed out of the river, licked its mouth, and crept home into its burrow. When everyone else finally reached the river, there was no one to be seen.

The first sunrise

A long, long time ago, during the dream time, the earth was dark. There was no light, only darkness, and cold. Huge gray clouds kept the light and warmth away from the earth and the clouds hung so low that the animals had to crawl. The emu had to limp, its neck almost bent to the ground, the kangaroo could not jump, and none of the birds could fly more than a few meters. Only the snakes were happy because they lived very close to the ground.

The animals survived by crawling around on the dark, damp earth, and groping for fruit and berries. It was often so difficult to find food that it could take a few days between meals. It was so annoying to the wombat that people kept bumping into it that he dug a cave and learned to sleep for a long time.

At some point, the birds decided that they were fed up. So all the animals called a meeting. The magpies decided that together they would raise the sky. They would collect sticks and use them to raise the sky. All animals thought it was a good idea, so they set out to collect sticks. Each of the magpies took a large stick and began to raise the sky.

The emus, the kangaroos, and the wombat watched the magpies slowly moving up the sky. They used the horse mackerel as a lever and supported the sky first on small boulders, then on low hills. As the animals watched, the magpies pushed with all their strength and reached the top of a small mountain.

It was still very dark, but at least the emu could sit up and the kangaroos could jump proudly and far. The magpies still pushed the sky further and further until they reached the highest mountain in the whole country. Then with a mighty effort, they gave the sky one final push! The sky shot into the air and as it rose higher it burst open and a huge wave of warmth and light rolled across the country. The whole sky was filled with beautiful shades of red and yellow. It was the first sunrise.

Overjoyed by the beauty, the light, and the warmth, the magpies began to sing. As her loud humming spread across the country, the sun woman slowly rose and began her journey west.

Even today, the sun woman wakes up every morning in the east and lights a torch that she carries across the sky every day. It is this fire that prepares the first light of the day. She takes her torch and begins her daily journey across the sky.

When she reaches the western end of the world, she extinguishes the fire of her torch. Then she sits down, paints herself again with brilliant reds and yellows, ready for her journey through the underground tunnel back to her camp in the east.

This is the reason why every morning until today, when the sun woman wakes up and her morning light is on, all magpies greet her with her beautiful song.

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