The Love of Forest paint forest mottled shadows. 2020

The sun rises above the Amazon rainforest and the huge perennial trees allow rays of light to pass between their leaves and paint the forest floor in mottled shadows. In one of the tallest trees, little monkey Dora is waking up. Dora is a beautiful monkey with brown hair and a long tail. She wishes she could sleep some more, but there is no time to lose. Today is the day of the big party.

Monkeys will come from afar to participate in the party, even from neighboring countries, such as Peru and Bolivia. The big party, held in the Brazilian part of the Amazon Forest, is always a huge success. Dora is very excited because this year she was invited to help the older monkeys in the community with organizing the party. This is a very big responsibility and there is no time to waste.

Dora arrives at the meeting early and is very happy to see her friend Tinga. Tinga is an indigenous name that means ‘white in color’. This is the perfect name for Dora’s friend as he has white hair and green eyes. The other monkeys often laugh at Tinga’s strange white hair and green eyes, but Dora doesn’t like those jokes. She thinks her friend is very cute, even though her heart belongs to another monkey named Paco. Paco is a big, strong monkey with thick black hair that lives in the forest on the edge of Bolivia.

Dora met Paco at the big party last year. They danced together only once, but Dora knew then that her heart belonged to him. She also remembers that Paco was arrogant and that he didn’t pay much attention to her. He had said that Dora was very young and that she was always lost in her own fantasy world. Despite all this, Dora is looking forward to seeing Paco again, and such thoughts make her even more excited about the party.

The Love of Forest paint forest mottled shadows.
The Love of Forest paint forest mottled shadows.

Chief Ubirajara, a very large and very brave monkey, calls the meeting to order and begins to distribute tasks to the assembled monkeys. Finally, it is Dora’s turn to be given her special task for the day, but the little monkey is lost in her own thoughts that she does not listen to the instructions of the chief Ubirajara.

‘… Dora! Dora! Have you been listening to a word if you want it to say to you? You are always lost in your fantasy world, even today when there is a lot of work to be done. ‘ Dora is startled and stutters her answer. ‘Me … I’m sorry, Chief Ubirajara. Could you please repeat what you would like me to do today. ‘

Chef Ubirajara is a little impatient with young Dora but he understands that she is still young and that she is also very excited about the party. ‘You have an obligation to find for us the most beautiful and delicious cupuaçus and Açaí berries and the best nuts from Brazil for our party tonight.’ Chief Ubirajara claps his hands and smiles at the anxious faces gathered in the forest clearing. ‘Now that everyone knows what to do, let’s get to work!’

And so the monkeys separated from each other’s company, each determined to fulfill his mission in preparation for the big party. Dora is very fond of the idea of being asked to find food for the party. She loves to explore the forest, jumping from branch to branch among the tall trees. She also enjoys looking at the beautiful plants and rich wildlife that fills her beloved forest.

‘I’m the best person to choose for a job like this,’ thinks Dora, as she left for her trip, determined to climb taller trees to find the purest açaí and sweetest cupuaçus. After many hours of hard work, Dora’s bag was filled with a rich reward of fruits and nuts. . This thought makes the little monkey feel very happy as she carves the bag for her shoulders and goes home.

When Dora was halfway home, her thoughts are interrupted by a strange sound in the forest. She looks around but sees nothing unusual. She is said to take extra care, but before long her thoughts drift back to the coming party and the dance and celebration that will be had by everyone. She thinks about how she will fix her hair, and what she will say when she sees Paco.

‘I wonder if he’ll still think I’m too young. Still, will he certainly be impressed by the beautiful fruits I picked for the party? ‘ Dora’s thoughts are interrupted again when she notices a rich and juicy cupuaçu on the forest floor in front of her. ‘How lucky to find such a beautiful fruit’, she thinks and runs to get the cupuaçu and add it to her bag. But as soon as Dora’s hand reaches the fruit, a huge net pulls tight around her body and raises the little monkey in the air.

Dora knows about these traps and is very scared. She calls for help, but the birds of the forest do not seem interested in her suffering. She struggles to free herself from the heavy net but does not help at all.
‘Help! Help me!’ shouts Dora. But there are no animals around to help, and she is unable to extricate herself from the heavy net.

A great sadness descends on Dora; her strength leaves her and she is not able to fight any longer. She does not understand why humans set these traps to capture monkeys from the forest. Her eyes fill with tears at the thought of being dragged out of her house, never jumping from branch to branch again among the old trees or feeling the storms of heavy rain.

‘We do no harm to humans,’ she thinks. ‘We enjoy the forest and we just want to be free. I love this forest so much and I wouldn’t know how to live if I’m taken out of all this rich life, beautiful fruits that grow on the trees and the fresh water that flows in Rio. How would I survive if they take me away from my friend Tinga? ‘ Dora hears a sound from trees at the edge of the clearing. Human voices! They are coming towards you. This is the end! she thinks. ‘I cannot escape’.


Suddenly a wind whirled from the forest floor, a whirlwind of spinning that directed directly at humans. Dora can hear the laughter in the air. Then a small boy appears out of nowhere. The boy has flaming red hair, he has big ears and his feet are pointing in the wrong direction, coming out from behind him as if twisted all around.

The whirlwind stops and Dora realizes that it is, in fact, another boy; This boy appears very dark, he has only one leg and wears a bright red hood on his head. He has a pipe in his mouth and is smiling happily as if he were having a wonderful time.

Dora doesn’t believe what her eyes see. ‘Is it really Curupira and Saci who came to save me?’ she thinks. The little monkey had only heard of the two boys in stories told by their ancestors. Its existence belonged in the legends and as such Dora was never sure if the legend was true. At that very moment, a voice filled Dora’s ears. ‘When you love the forest, little one, the forest loves you too. This is the protection I send you to keep you safe. ‘

Now Dora is sure that what she sees is real, and she is full of gratitude and love. Saci starts to spin on his leg once again, creating a big whirl around him. Curupira arms herself with an ugly face, and together the two went towards the humans making a terrible noise that would frighten any grown man right up to his soul.

Human beings run from the forest as fast as they can, never once looking back, towards Curupira and Saci; and they promise all the time that they will never enter the forest again to set their traps.

After the humans are gone, Curupira and Saci free Dora from her hammock and make sure she is not hurt in any way. The little monkey is so grateful that she offers her bag of nuts and fruit as a way of saying thanks to the brave and brave boys of the forest.

Curipira takes the bag with gratitude. He smiles at Dora saying, ‘take care of the forest always and the forest will always protect you in return’. With these words, he walks out of the clearing with his feet back and disappears into the tall trees. Saci then turns into a whirlwind again and turns to the forest behind his friend.

Dora pauses for just a moment before running back toward her home, eager to tell her magical story to the monkeys who are already dancing and celebrating at the big party.

When she arrives home, Dora apologizes to Chief Ubirajara for not bringing her bag of fruit as instructed. She eagerly explains how Curupira and Saci saved her from being kidnapped by human beings and how she offered the fruit as a thank you for her bravery. Chief Ubirajara patiently waves to young Dora and just seems grateful that she has returned safely.

At that very moment, Paco stepped out of the crowd and gathered to hear Dora’s amazing story. “You really are a silly monkey, aren’t you!” He says, in his proud voice. ‘Just a dreamer, how could you believe the legend of Curupira and Saci’.

Dora realizes that Paco is really a big fool. She says that she won’t have anything to do with him any longer. ‘He is very proud and arrogant and I was foolish to feel anything for a monkey, like him,’ she thinks to herself.

Then little Dora sees her friend Tinga leaving the forest and entering the clearing. She runs towards you with a smile. Tinga is very happy to see that her friend is safe. Where have you been, Dora? What happened?’

She talks about human beings and being captured in the net and meeting the two legends of the forest. Dora also realizes how much she cares about Tinga and remembers how it was he she thought about most, when she was caught in the hammock, and how she felt so very sad at the idea of never seeing him again. Tinga and Dora are very happy and approach and hug each other.

‘I am so happy that you are safe, Dora.’ And I’m happy to be with you again, Tinga,’ the little monkey says as she takes him by the hand and takes him to the dance floor. The party fills with music and laughter. The sunsets and the stars fill the sky above the ancient rainforest. Dora and Tinga dance together all night, happy to be with each other, happy to be at the big party in the forest.

Out of the corner of her eye, Dora is sure she sees a whirlwind and a boy with flaming red hair running through the trees in the forest. She is grateful to be surrounded by her friends and the beautiful forest she calls home.

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