days of the blackbird

Once upon a time, there was a mouse and a frog who were very close friends. Every morning the frog went to find the mouse that lived in a hole inside a tree. The mouse liked the company of the frog very much, but he did not imagine that the frog was becoming more and more frustrated because it was always .she who had to go to visit the mouse and never vice versa. At the time, the lazy mouse had no idea that the frog, his good friend, was slowly becoming his enemy.

One afternoon, when it was time to go home. the frog decided that he had had enough of this one-sided friendship. So the frog tied one end of a rope to his paw and the other end to the mouse’s tail, without him noticing. The frog greeted the mouse and dived into the pond at the foot of the tree. All of a sudden, to his surprise, the rope pulled the rat’s tail hard, and, from the safety of his tree. he was dragged into the air and capitulated to the mud below. Splash!

Friends forever
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The poor mouse could not swim and however much he struggled and struggled to free his tail, he could not untie it from the rope. After much wriggling and wriggling, the poor mouse drowned in the pond. This will teach you not to make fun of me, you, lazy mouse,’ thought the frog.

But this misdeed did not go unnoticed. High in the sky, a hawk saw the mouse floating in the water below. Then, the hungry hawk swooped down to the pond to grab the mouse and make his dinner out of it. It was only when hawk grasped mouse with its sharp claws that the frog remembered that it was still tied to the rope.

The frog flew up, up, high into the sky, until the hawk rested on the highest branch of a nearby tree. It was then that the frog realized he was wrong. By creating a trap for her friend, she had also created a trap for herself, marking her destiny. Now, she too would have been eaten by the hawk because of her shady plan. There is an African proverb that says, ‘Don’t dig a bit too deep for your enemy, because you could fall into it yourself.’

The days of the blackbird

Once upon a time, long ago, a family of blackbirds lived in peace. Mum and dad, at the end of the summer, had flown to a city in Northern Italy. called Milan, with their three newborn children, and had placed their nest on the tallest tree in a palace garden. The small blackbirds grew healthy.

When winter came, the family found a good place for nest under eaves of a house, where they could take refuge from the snow. That year, the winter was particularly cold and it continued to snow for days.

After a week, mom and dad blackbird realized that it would become increasingly difficult to find food. So mom decided to be with the little ones, while dad started flying around the city all day. leaving every morning and returning in the evening, trying to collect food for his family. It flew over the whole city, in every corner of every garden, in parks, in squares, and on the balconies of houses.

Sometimes people outside the bars were moved by the sight of the poor desperate bird and threw crumbs at it. That was the only source of food that the family could afford because everywhere else Dad found only ice and snow. But soon, it got so cold that even people stopped leaving the house!. It was the coldest winter Milan had ever seen.

It was then that mom and dad made a decision: dad would fly south, away from the city and snow. to find a milder climate place where they would build the new nest. The father left; in the meantime, it continued to snow and the snow brought even colder. To protect her children, who had trembled from the cold for days, Mum moved the nest to a nearby roof. There, thanks to a large smoking chimney, they found a warm place to wait for dad.

Three days that incredible cold lasted, and for three days Daddy blackbird stayed away. When he returned, he hardly recognized his family: because of the ashes, his mother and children had all turned black. On the fourth day, the first of February, a pale sun finally appeared, and dad, mom. and children came out of the nest. Even Daddy had now gone black with ashes. From that day on, blackbirds were born black, and white battlements became a legend.

The last three days of January, which are usually the coldest, were from then on called .’ The days of the blackbird’ to remember the adventure of the brave family. This story teaches us that even if life can sometimes be difficult, in the end, everything can be solved.

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