Adam and the Dragon Treasure2020

Adam lived in a small village in the south of Poland, near the large city of Krakow. For Adam, dinner was the favorite time of day. Not because his mother was preparing the best food in the world, but because at dinner, the whole family sat in front of the TV and watched the news. No lesson at school could be compared with stories that Adam learned from the news: about people of exotic appearance, living in other cultures, about natural disasters in countries he had never visited, about the coolest known people and their extraordinary lives. One of these stories changed Adam’s life forever …

One evening, just before the harvest, the family sat down at steaming plates of chicken soup with homemade noodles, when broadcasting began. The most important information was the mysterious theft from the Wawel Castle in nearby Krakow. At night, thieves burst into the Wawel dragon’s pit and stole the treasure!

Adam and the Dragon Treasure
Adam and the Dragon Treasure

Everyone in Poland knows the story of a dragon who lived in Wawel hundreds of years ago. The dragon lived in a cave under the castle and ate cattle belonging to the king. The king offered his daughter’s hand to anyone who would kill a mighty dragon. Many brave knights and noblemen tried to do this, but they failed. In the end, a powerful shoemaker managed to kill a powerful dragon.

Every girl and boy knows that dragons sleep on precious beds of gold coins. There was just such a golden bed in the cave of the Wawel dragon, and when the dragon was killed, the king did not remove gold from it, because he wanted other dragons to think that the Wawel dragon still lived in the castle. And so the gold coins remained in the dragon’s cavern for hundreds of years, for every new king believed that gold would bring happiness to his people.

The gold coins were in the cave all the time until they were stolen. And while eating dinner in front of the TV, Adam found out about the theft. The reporter reported on the Wawel castle. She interviewed a tall policeman They had to hide in a dark corner of the dragon’s pit and wait for the lock to close. Then they charged as much gold as they could into two large suitcases. This, “he said, pointing to a place on the floor,” is all that is left of precious gold coins. “

The cameraman took a close-up of several gold coins that were scattered on the floor. Beside the policeman stood the pathetic curator of the castle. He was shaking his head and saying something vague about the misfortune that the castle and the city of Krakow had to face. Adam’s father gasped: “And all the treasure is gone!”

Basia, Adam’s older sister, chuckled to herself and said, “Let the King go to the bank and take some gold until it’s too late.”The family laughed and went back to savor the delicious chicken soup. So maybe there was nothing to fear? The next day, Adam got up early in the morning with the rest of the family. His parents, older brothers, and sister go out into the field to harvest. The fields were far from the farm, so they had to leave very early. Everyone had to work hard.

At every harvest, one of the family members stayed at home to look after the animals on the farm and make room for crops in the barn. His task was also to prepare a feast for a hungry family returning home. This year he fell on Adam. When the family set out on the tractor, Adam collected the remains of animal food and went to the stable to feed the horses with hay. Then he milked the cows and led them to the pasture.

His next task was to clean the barn. Adam opened a large door and went inside. In the barn, the boy noticed a strange, golden glow emanating from a dark corner. I wonder what that is, he thought and went to check.

As he approached the flickering glow, he could not believe his eyes. On the floor, he saw … gold! An open suitcase was full of gold! Next to this suitcase was another one, still closed. Adam was amazed. He was sure it was a dragon’s gold.

Adam’s family sat at the table, and the curator made a toast to the boy. Around them, the guards were on guard, and Adam thought, “So that’s how it looks in the royal family.”The family laughed and ate together, and Adam was telling them all the time about the tall buildings of Krakow, crowds of people, the castle, and limousine travel.

It was a really amazing day. When Adam enjoyed a wonderful feast, he told himself that he would never forget his adventure. But he was also very pleased that next year it would be his brother’s turn to stay at home and Adam would join his family at harvest time.

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