To be true If you tell lie is what happens2020

Once there was a little boy, Pukhraj, who was the son of a farmer. A bad habit of Pukhraj was that he used to lie to his family and friends many times. He used to tell stories of demons living in the forest, or he used to pretend that there are poisonous snakes in the fields, or how he is very sick when he was not sick at all.

The task of that little boy was to take his father’s Maheshi to graze in an open field in the forest of the nearby mountains every morning. Pukhraj was not much interested in this work because he found Maveshi very dull, and he hoped many times that his life would be more fun, and his life would be more exciting. But instead of fun and adventure, Pukhraj found himself doing the same monotonous work every day, and this made him very angry. And because of this resentment, the crook was Pukhraj Jhooti Kahaniya Bunata.

To be true  If you tell  lie is what happens
To be true If you tell lie is what happens

One day, when that boy was very bored, taking care of his Mahesh, he decided that he would joke with the villagers. “I will pretend that a lion has attacked me”, Pukhraj thought. And suddenly, that little boy shouted loudly … “Save, save!” He shouted, “A fierce lion has attacked me!”

Immediately, the brave villagers ran towards that open field of the hill so that they could save the little topaz from the lion. But when they reached there, there was no lion, just that little boy was laughing at the ground how he made the villagers an owl.

The villagers were very disappointed with Pukhraj and warned him that such a joke was not right. But that rascal boy was so engrossed in laughing that he did not heed his warning. Some time was spent and life went on: Pukhraj used to take Maheshi to the forest to graze grass every morning and every evening he would take Maheshi to his father’s fields before a meal.

But the younger Pukhraj was restless, still angry about his dull work and life. And so, one quiet morning, he again decided to play the same joke with the villagers. Once he arrived in that forest, and when he thought the time was right, he shouted loudly … “Save, save!” Is! Save me! “

The men and women who work in the fields on the side of the village run towards the hillside to save the little boy and Maweshi from that dreaded lion. But when they reached the ground, there was no lion. Once again, he saw Pukhraj getting hitched to the ground. “How strange you all look!” That badass boy said.

The villagers were very angry with Pukhraj, and his father had to apologize to everyone for his son’s behavior because many people believed that Pukhraj should be punished for this behavior. Don’t lie like that”, her father warned her. But that little boy was engrossed in laughing and he did not pay heed to what his father said.

The next morning, as Pukhraj was resting in the shade of a tall tree, watching his Maweshi grazing the grass in the field, he heard the slight sound of the leaves of the trees behind him. When that little boy turned, to see who was making that sound, he found himself face to face with a big lion. The lion had big nails and scary eyes and very sharp teeth! Pukhraj ran towards the village as soon as possible, but the lion blocked his way. “help Help!” He shouts, “A ferocious lion is attacking me!”

But when the villagers heard him screaming for help, they did not run towards that plain of the hill .. not this time. He again started his work in the fields, as if nothing had happened.

And so, poor Pukhraj was killed at the hands of a lion because not a single villager believed that Pukhraj was telling the truth that day. He had lied so many times before and joked with the villagers, that this time they could not believe his help. If you tell a lie, this is what happens

Why don’t elephants fly?

This was a long time ago. Once upon a time elephants used to fly. They had four big wings and they flipped around so fast that all the creatures would turn! But these big animals were also a few fools. But Shush – Other animals used to keep quiet about it. Do not speak to anyone.

Because elephants were very strong and they could move very fast, God thought that they would take the help of elephants. They could roam around the world riding on elephants. In one moment they could reach China and in another moment Iceland! And these elephants were so strong that they would hit the mountains, reach the right place: like the Himalayas in India and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. God fixed the whole world by riding on an elephant. The world has become ‘perfect’.

When this great work was over, the Lord discharged the elephants. Now elephants had no work. Do you know what happened then? Elephants become useless! All the elephants used to remember the old days sitting together. Telling each other stories of those days. And all the time he thought that God respected him a lot. Elephants started thinking that they were better than all other beings. The most important of all!

One elephant said to another, “Haha! Look at that peacock. How short it is and how bad its wings are. Absolutely useless to look at! Beautiful and strong like us!” And elephants used to say this loudly so that even a small peacock could hear. The peacock thought, “Elephants are rightly saying. I am small. My wings are not as beautiful as fairies. And I do not even know!”

Every day elephants started to understand themselves a lot. They used to fly away leaving bananas of the whole world. And not all beings get a single banana. All beings were very unhappy. And what do elephants do with this banana? They would go to the village and open their big paws and big wings and crush all the villages! Sitting there and having a picnic with bananas!

But the people of the village became very sad. Their houses were crushed by elephants. When God saw all this, he thought that elephants should be taught a lesson! God called all the elephants and said to the elephants, “A elephants! Listen to me. I am grateful to you. You guys have helped me a lot. So I will celebrate a big party. For you! Only elephants!”

All the elephants were very happy. An elephant said to another elephant, “Look, God knows how much we have done him. It is great that God is honoring us.”

And all the elephants gathered on the day of the party. God placed different kinds of food in front of the elephants. Pale Yellow Banana, Red Red Pomegranate, Khachar Pachar Guava, Jusile Mango! Think the fruit was there! And the elephant became very happy after seeing all this. Elephants started eating. Ah, what a beautiful meal! Now all the elephants started sleeping. His stomach was full and he slept.

God was waiting for this time. The Lord took a big blow from the silence. He cut off the wings of all elephants! And God gave these beautiful wings to the peacock. Peacocks rejoice! They started dancing in the forest! Peacock danced in the forest, who saw it, who saw it? Peacock danced in the forest, I saw, I saw!

And you think of elephants. When he got up and saw that his beautiful beautiful wings were given to the peacock by God, he was very angry. But God said, “Now I don’t have time! Now your job is with your help. I want you to be good and help the people of the village!”

Elephants became very embarrassed. Quiet arc They started helping the people of the village. And till today, every single elephant comes in every village and helps people!

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