We all meet the Phoenix bird in our lives.2020

At the beginning of time, there was a beautiful garden, Paradise. Adam and Eve lived in that garden and their life was dry and good. The garden fulfilled all their needs. He lived in peace. The tree was surrounded by beautiful fruits and plants, colorful birds, and animals. He used to support the garden and he got all the things he could hope for from the garden. There was heat from the sun, fruits from the trees, and soft, clear water of the river for bathing.

They were created to live in a perfect world, but they were not allowed to do a thing in Paradise. He was forbidden to eat fruit from a tree. It would be many years and Adam and Eve never went near that tree. One day a voice came out of Eve’s mind. She started thinking about that tree. Why not eat the fruit of that tree? What can it mean? After all, what could the tree tell him? How could he harm the tree? Nobody would want to know, no?

So Eve ate that fruit and from that moment on, life was about to change. Paradise reflected purity and goodness, but Eve learned the meaning of evil because of that tree. Eve told this to Adam and he was cast from this world into our world. They learned about lies, pain, earthquake, cruelty, and hatred. His paradise was consumed.

 We all meet the Phoenix bird in our lives.
We all meet the Phoenix bird in our lives.

It was sad but the story did not end here. Under that tree, a new bird was born from the first blooming rose. The bird sang very beautifully, she was wonderful and she used to fly fast. A burning sword from Paradise chased Adam and Eve, but a spark came out of that sword and fell into the bird’s nest. The fire started in the slurry and the bird went away. Then, a miracle happened! There was an egg in the Ghosle from which a new bird came out which flew into the sky and at that moment the world’s first ‘Phoenix’ bird came out.

We all meet the Phoenix bird in our lives. She is never visible to us, but she definitely does realize it. She comes from Paradise and will always be in our lives. She travels from north to south, over the earth, the desert, and the mountains. It comes in our villages and cities. The children lying in the pallet meet the school children and the people of the office and the factory.

The Chidiya who came out of Angaro wakes up every year. She is destroyed in the embers and then wakes up, with a new rising glow. She meets everyone and fills her life with light, beauty, color, music, poetry, and songs. She gives children happiness, naivete, and hope for the future before she tastes the fruits of knowledge and faces difficulties in life.

Because Paradise came out of the fire, we know that we can also leave. Because Eve tasted the fruit of knowledge first, we should also taste it and understand that there will always be good and evil in our life. So when the accident happens and everything goes wrong, we should be like that Phoenix bird, learn to get out of the coals, and find a good life.


Once, there was a very strong and generous king who used to donate a lot of his gold to the poor people of his kingdom. Every morning, the king got up early and distributed his gold among the poor standing near the doors of his palace, so that they could buy food and clothes.

One night, a farmer came near the palace and hid by sticking to the wall. The farmer thought that he would stay near the doors of the palace throughout the night and then in the morning would be ahead of everyone in the queue to get gold from the king. “

But when a janitor of the king’s palace saw the farmer hiding near the doors of the palace, he thought that this man would be a thief who came to steal his gold from the king in the night. And so the watchman caught the farmer and tied him to the prison under the palace.

The next morning, after listening to the anecdote of the previous night, the benevolent king decided to go and talk to the imprisoned farmer.

The king entered the dark and gloomy prison and asked the farmer, “Why did you want to steal from me when all you had to do was to ask me to sleep in order to get myself food and clothes;” Don’t you know I would gladly donate it to you? “

The poor man explained that he was not a thief, only a farmer who was going through bad times and who needed help. That farmer looked directly at the king. “I didn’t come to steal from you,” he insisted, “I came at night so that I could get gold first thing in the morning.” That’s all, I swear. “

This story of the farmer touched the heart of that generous king. He ordered his soldiers to free the man from captivity, and then he gave ten gold coins to the farmer so that he could make his life. The farmer thanked the generous king and came out of the palace with his gold.

But the next day, the farmer was not satisfied with his ten gold coins. Every night he waited near the doors of the palace, and each morning the benevolent king presented him with ten more gold coins.

This went on for several days, finally, the king asked the farmer, “When I have given you so much gold, why do you come to my palace till now, surely you are not poor or hungry yet?”
“I also want to be Aamir and strong”.
, The king asked.

The farmer thought about this question briefly before answering. “Yes, I will do it, Hazur”. The farmer agreed, and then the king gave half of his wealth and half of his kingdom to him.

Many years passed and the farmer appeared to be a smart and generous man. He donated a lot of his gold, grain, and money for Maweshi, and soon enough, he doubled his wealth and started giving more money to the poor of his kingdom.

The king was very happy to see all this from his palace. He knew that the world’s greatest happiness is in giving to others. By sharing what he had with others, that generous king was able to keep everyone happy. The farmer had also learned this lesson very well and he used to share his wealth and his happiness with others. And soon, because both, the king and that clever farmer, used to be so generous, all the poverty and earthquake disappeared from that state.

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